Many times people do not receive the nutrition they need simply from the foods they eat. They eat without stopping to consider the unhealthy additives they are consuming daily. Fad diets, eating on the run and daily stresses of life leave their bodies starving for nutrition. Is there an answer? YES!

A nutritional consult is beneficial to learn how a person can take control of their life choices. Learn more about how ones food choices affect their health. The foods we eat, digest, assimilate and eliminate are vital to good health. The digested food feeds the body’s cells that in turn feed the organs of the body. Sleep – fluids – undigested food – excess fats – pesticides – additives – large portions of food – high refined carbohydrate – even the time of day we eat the foods can cause stress on the body.

On the first visit a comprehensive questionnaire regarding the clients past history is essential in helping to know where they need to start their quest for better health. When they adjust these areas, it is amazing how the body comes into balance.

Nila Jo has found that a full consultation requiring the client to come in for three full visits and a follow-up has been the most successful. Nutrition consultations are an investment in your health. Much of the time it is the little things that a person does not think about that is the answer they need. Once they understand that they don’t have to give up the foods they love – just monitor them – they do very well. Here at Nila Jo’s we work on an 80/20 plan. It is workable and the client feels so much better when their energy level is up.

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