Nila Jo’s Natural Nutrition offers some of the finest health products available. Listed are many of the items available – you may always call to see if they are in stock.

The HOPE room contains health products that may help the client with his intake of HIGH FIBER foods and supplements.

HIGH FIBER nutrients such as Gluten Free Oats – Oat Bran – Almonds – Walnuts – Pecans – Pine Nuts – Sprouted Brown Rice – Rice Bran – – Cashews – Freekeh – Dried cranberries – Unsulphured Dried Prunes – Flaxseeds – Goji Berries – Flaxseeds – Chia Seeds – Pumpkin Seeds – Chia Seeds – Organic Popcorn – Unsweetened Coconut – Hemp Seed Hearts and many more. Supplements – Psyllium powders and capsules – Fiber Smart powder and capsules – Hallelujah Acres Fiber Cleanse – Fiber Mate – Nutrition Fiber Gummies

OILS such as Coconut –CLA – Nordic Naturals Fish Oil – Carlson Fish Oil – Krill Oil – Barleans Borage and Flaxseed Oil – Macadamia Nut Oil – MCT Oil.

PROBIOTICS – Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora 15 Billion Adult Formula, 30 Billion Adult Formula, 50 Billion, 80 Billion, 90 Billion, 100 Billion, 200 Billion and Baby Probiotic. Soloray’s Multidophilus 3 Billion and Multidophilus 20 Billion – Nutrition now PB 8 – Optimal Health Systems Flora Plus – Kyo-Dophilus – Kyo-Dophilus Kids – Natrol Acidophilus Bio Beads – Unikey Health Flora-Key and Dr.Ohirras Probiotic.

ENZYMES – Digest More – Plant Enzymes – ActiZyme – Gluten Digest – GI Natural – Optimal Health Systems Digestion – Emerald Lab Digestive Health – Divigest ADS – Betaine HCL – Super Digestaway – Bromelain – Yes to Dairy – Papaya Enzyme.

GREEN FOOD SUPPLEMENTS – by Barleans, Greens First, Trace Minerals, Peaceful Planet, Aloe Life, Optimal Health Systems and Kyo-Greens.

PROTEIN POWDERS – Veggie Protein Soy, Chia and Pea –Whey Isolate – Skinny Gut Ultimate Shake – Spiru-tein, PureTrition – Tera’s Whey- Holy Hemp – Kale Superfood, Pea and Rice.

TEAS – Blueberry – Fennel – Goldenseal – Green Tea Decaf and Regular – Nettle – Parsley – Peppermint – Ribose – Turmeric – – Chamomile – Dandelion – Echinacea – Raspberry Leaf – Tulsi Cleanse – Tulsi Tummy – White Tea- White Mulberry – Chai – Paul D’Arco – Smooth Move.

SWEETNERS – Y & S Organic Honey – Grade B Maple Syrup – Agave – Stevia – Yacon Syrup – Sweetleaf Sweetner.

LIQUID EXTRACTS -Black Cherry – Cranberry – Pomegranate and Tart Cherry Extract.

The NUTRIENT ROOM at Nila Jo’s is equipped with many supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy and educational material

Complete Line Boiron Homeopathics as well as many by Hylands

Curamin – CuraMed – Thyroid Care – Healthy Feet and Nerves by Terry’s Naturally

Sinufix – Anxiety Relief by Natural Care

Xlear Nasal Spray

NatraBio Allergy Relief

Solvereign Silver – Immune support

CellFood – SAM-e – Silica – Weightloss formula

NorthAmerican Herb and Spice – Oreganol, OrgaMax, Orega Spray

Ubiquinol by BlueBonnet (CoQ 10)

Kyolic Garlics Cardiovascular Formulas

Minerals – by Bluebonnet, Soloray, Emerald Lab, Natural Viality, Twinlab, Natures Way, Now, Superior Source.

Vitamins – by Bluebonnet, Soloray, Emerald Lab, Natures Plus, Natural Vitality, Optimal Health Systems

Aloes – Aloe Life – Entrenet – Lilly of the Desert.

Perform –pain reliever by BIO– Freeze

Herbs – Nature’s Way, Now, Herb Pharm, Dr. Christopher, Planetary Herbs, Barleans, Emerald Lab, Natures Answer, Organic India, Rainforest, Ridgecrest, Soloray, Natures Plus, Source Naturals and Optimal Health.

Miracle II – Products – Soap – Neutralizers – Skin lotion

Tates – Shampoo, Conditioners etc.

Healthy skin care products

Toothpaste – Aurom’ere, Xyli White and flossing Toothbrushes

Aromatherapy– Books, Charts, Jars, Glass Bottles , Metal Spray bottles, Pump dispensers, roll-ons.

Diffusers – By NOW all types

Carrier Oils – Coconut, Almond, Jojoba, Sesame and Grapeseed, Aloe cream

Massage Creams, Body Oils, Body Mist & Room Sprays, Air Fresheners

Essential Oils by Aura Cacia – Now and Young Living